Innovative Solutions: Zamzee

Physical activity declines by up to 60% between the ages of 9 and 15, while kids’ screen time is on the rise.  It’s easy to assume technology is the problem, but what if technology can be part of the solution?

HopeLab developed Zamzee, an activity meter and motivational website, as a way to get kids moving more. Kids provided feedback at every stage of Zamzee product development, including HopeLab’s Ruckus Nation and Ruckus Research projects, and research shows that Zamzee increased physical activity in kids by 59% on average over a six-month study period.

HopeLab at the White House
With support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Collaborating Zamzee developers and research consultants include Big Picture Innovations, Daylight Design, Experience Lab Consulting, Firefly Design, NON-OBJECT, Nuvation, Pivotal Labs, Sequence, Speck Design and Uncommon Projects.

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