Defining HopeLab

If HopeLab appeared in the dictionary how would the organization be defined? Maybe something along the lines of… HopeLab /hōp lab/ (noun): A non-profit organization that’s passionate about improving the health and well-being of kids and young adults through the application of engaging technologies backed by rigorous research. But explaining what we do is hard to convey…

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Cancer Survivors Talk Re-Mission 2 at OMG 2013 Summit

OMG, what a ride! We took Re-Mission 2 on the road to Las Vegas and got our game on, Stupid Cancer style. HopeLab was a sponsor of the OMG 2013 Stupid Cancer Summit, and it was great fun sharing the games with the more than 550 young adult cancer survivors who participated. Watch this clip…

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Cancer-Fighting Gameplay: The Re-Mission 2 Trailer

Slice and dice! Seek and destroy! That’s what adolescent and young adult cancer patients told us they wanted to do to their disease. This new Re-Mission 2 trailer shows off some of that action in the games, but to get the full cancer-fighting experience you’ll have to spend some quality time blasting (and chomping, zapping…

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Helping Kids Fight Cancer: The Story Behind Re-Mission 2

When our team considered how we could tell our story about the development of Re-Mission 2, it was obvious. We wanted you to hear directly from the people who helped shape the product – kids with cancer, survivors, the clinicians who treat kids, and HopeLab staff. More than 120 kids from hospitals across the U.S.…

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