What Gardening Taught Me About Thriving Organizations

Although I tend to neglect plants (often to their peril), I recently found inspiration in an unlikely spot: my own garden. As my partner and I redesigned our backyard, we had to pay careful attention to so many details—the soil, shade and irrigation, as well as the pattern and visual tapestry of what we planted.…

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10 Tips for Effective Onboarding

Effective onboarding is essential for the vitality and success of your organization. In fact, adding a new team member to a workplace environment is both the chance to pass on and reinforce your organizational values as well as the opportunity to influence and enhance your culture. So we give a lot of thought to the…

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Are You in a Rut or a Groove?

Recently we had the great fortune to explore this very question. At our year-end Fun Day last December, we spent three hours with One World Music, a team building and leadership company based in Oakland, CA. They specialize in the unique use of music to support leadership and organizational development. We partnered with them to…

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How To Build A Healthy And Connected Workplace

In Silicon Valley, where tech and social media start-ups are commonplace, it has become a standard practice to offer some unusual perks to employees — a well-stocked pantry with all your favorite snacks and drinks, professionally prepared gourmet food, laundry services, napping stations, ping-pong tables, and more. These perks are designed to attract and retain…

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Exploring the Ocean of HopeLab’s Culture

My name is Ben Uchimura. I’m a 17-year old from San Francisco but live in Columbus, Ohio. One day I hope to study at Stanford and major in business or Spanish. Last summer I landed my dream internship at HopeLab. One of my main projects was to capture and creatively document HopeLab’s culture. But how…

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