Can a digital tool affect behavioral change among parents?

GreatSchools created the Emotional Smarts toolbox to provide online resources for parents to raise emotionally connected children, GreatSchools partnered with HopeLab to design a new parenting tool, Cue Cards, focusing on increasing the emotional intelligence of kids by developing the emotional intelligence of their parents.

HopeLab collaborated with and guided GreatSchools through our human-centered design approach. Using interviews with parents, design workshops with stakeholders, and five rounds of Rapid Cycle Feedback, we used insights from parents to guide product development decisions.  Cue Cards presents parents with different parenting challenges and prompts of Dos, Don’ts, Do Say, Don’t Say and Why. In a pilot with almost 500 K-5 parents, this tool helped parents use effective emotion regulation skills and strategies to emotionally connect and communicate with their children during challenging situations.


"Engaging with the Cue Cards tool increased parents' knowledge of emotion regulation strategies as well as their strategies for engaging in emotionally intelligent communication with their children. Additionally, parents reported that the tool made them feel more emotionally connected to their children. "

Vidya Sundaram
Project Director, Family Engagement Lab, GreatSchools

"Sometimes the only way you judge yourself is how well your kid is doing in school or in after school activities. It’s hard not to get caught up when kids get 80% on a math test because I know how competitive it is. But I try to understand that, if she’s trying her best and enjoying it, that should be it. But it’s a constant struggle. "

Bo, Working Mom
2nd and 4th Graders