Our Research: Re-Mission™ Outcomes Study

Is Re-Mission effective in supporting health-related outcomes and behaviors in adolescent and young adult cancer patients?


Study results published in the medical journal Pediatrics showed that playing Re-Mission significantly improved key behavioral and psychological factors associated with successful cancer treatment. In the study, participants given Re-Mission maintained higher levels of chemotherapy in their blood and took their antibiotics more consistently than those in the control group, demonstrating the game’s impact at a biological level. Participants given Re-Mission also showed faster acquisition of cancer-related knowledge and faster increase in self-efficacy. These results indicate that a carefully designed video game can have a positive impact on health behavior in young people with chronic illness.

Study Design

This study is the largest randomized, controlled study of a video game intervention ever conducted, following 375 teens and young adults with cancer at 34 medical centers in the United States, Canada and Australia during three months of cancer treatment. Participants were randomly assigned to receive PCs pre-loaded with a popular video game only (control condition) or that same control video game plus Re-Mission.

Collaborating Investigators

The Re-Mission Outcomes Study was led by principal investigator and HopeLab’s first President and CEO, Pamela Kato, Ed.M., Ph.D. The study was conducted in collaboration with investigators at 34 medical centers across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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