Cancer Mindshift: What Have We Learned & Where Are We Now – Part Three

This post concludes our mini-series chronicling the design research phase of HopeLab’s Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer project. Over the course of four months, we’ve met with several young cancer patients and survivors to understand what their psychological needs are and how they use technology, such as mobile apps. Here’s part three of our learnings.…

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Cancer Mindshift: What Have We Learned & Where Are We Now – Part One

HopeLab’s Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer team just finished a four month design research phase, during which we met with young cancer patients and survivors across the country to learn about their unmet psychological needs and technology usage. Along the way, we learned quite a bit about the design research process as well. Here’s…

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Cancer Mindshift: Who Are Cancer Survivors?

Over the past four months, our team has met with over a dozen young cancer patients across the country. As time went on, we noticed several recurring themes, especially as they related to identity, psychology, and technology use. We decided to create four personas that represent the individuals who have inspired us so we can…

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Avi’s Cancer Story: Part 3 – The Road Will Find You

At a young age, I always had a great fascination with flying. I would look up into the sky and dream of soaring the skies as a pilot. My father would play flying simulation games on his computer, and I would sit on his lap in awe. In seventh grade, several months before I got…

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Graphic Facilitation: Staff Learning & Development

Graphic Facilitation

As part of our continued commitment to learning and development, the HopeLab team recently worked with Emily Shepard of The Graphic Distillery to learn the basics of graphic facilitation. This two-part training was an opportunity for staff to learn how to better capture a group’s thinking using visuals and simple icons. We learned about all the elements…

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Avi’s Cancer Story: Life After Treatment

Expected To Fly  High school is not an easy period for many folks. As young adults, we begin to learn what we value in life, as well as who our close friends are. We battle our inner urge to be popular yet be true to ourselves. We slowly become distant from our parents as we…

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Avi’s Cancer Story: Part 1

Avi Khanian is an intern working with the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer team at HopeLab. Avi recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara, majoring in psychology. He currently is the California State Representative for TeenCancerAmerica and has helped UCLA create one of the first Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer units in the greater Los Angeles area. Avi’s passion…

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Help HopeLab Get to SXSW

Are you planning to be at SXSW Interactive? PanelPicker voting is now open, and we need your votes! HopeLab is developing a landscape report on health technology and service companies focused on the kids/young adult market. We’ve proposed a SXSW Interactive workshop that will review the landscape, relevant impact studies, and discuss emergent issues and…

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