Avi’s Cancer Story: Part 3 – The Road Will Find You

At a young age, I always had a great fascination with flying. I would look up into the sky and dream of soaring the skies as a pilot. My father would play flying simulation games on his computer, and I would sit on his lap in awe. In seventh grade, several months before I got…

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Graphic Facilitation: Staff Learning & Development

Graphic Facilitation

As part of our continued commitment to learning and development, the HopeLab team recently worked with Emily Shepard of The Graphic Distillery to learn the basics of graphic facilitation. This two-part training was an opportunity for staff to learn how to better capture a group’s thinking using visuals and simple icons. We learned about all the elements…

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Avi’s Cancer Story: Life After Treatment

Expected To Fly  High school is not an easy period for many folks. As young adults, we begin to learn what we value in life, as well as who our close friends are. We battle our inner urge to be popular yet be true to ourselves. We slowly become distant from our parents as we…

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Avi’s Cancer Story: Part 1

Avi Khanian is an intern working with the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer team at HopeLab. Avi recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara, majoring in psychology. He currently is the California State Representative for TeenCancerAmerica and has helped UCLA create one of the first Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer units in the greater Los Angeles area. Avi’s passion…

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Help HopeLab Get to SXSW

Are you planning to be at SXSW Interactive? PanelPicker voting is now open, and we need your votes! HopeLab is developing a landscape report on health technology and service companies focused on the kids/young adult market. We’ve proposed a SXSW Interactive workshop that will review the landscape, relevant impact studies, and discuss emergent issues and…

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HopeLab Research: The Genomic Advantages of Purpose in Life

The New Yorker recently published a summary of research from HopeLab’s Steve Cole, Ph.D. on the genomic advantages of purpose in life, otherwise known to the scientific community (and philosophers!) as eudaimonic well-being. Steve’s past research on the genomic impact of stressful states, such as loneliness, poverty, or PTSD, prompted him and a team of other…

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Defining HopeLab

If HopeLab appeared in the dictionary how would the organization be defined? Maybe something along the lines of… HopeLab /hōp lab/ (noun): A non-profit organization that’s passionate about improving the health and well-being of kids and young adults through the application of engaging technologies backed by rigorous research. But explaining what we do is hard to convey…

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TED2016: Embrace the Audacity Of The Imagination

Dreams are powerful motivating forces. They inspire people in every area of achievement, from the arts and sciences, to business and philanthropy, and beyond. For me, dreams – big, daunting dreams – have a special power of appeal. They help guide a vision of socially meaningful impact. So when I learned that TED2016 was dedicated…

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Reflections on the Emotion Revolution Summit

By: Marc Brackett, Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence This past Saturday, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Born This Way Foundation – created by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, – hosted the Emotion Revolution Summit to build awareness of the critical role emotions play in young people’s learning, decision-making, academic achievement,…

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