About Us: Our Culture

We are constantly experimenting with new ways to improve our organizational culture at HopeLab. Our hypothesis is that certain conditions – like an environment of connection, respect, integrity, learning, and joy – allow us to thrive as individuals and, by extension, as an organization. Here are some of the tools we have found particularly helpful.

Tools to Cultivate Culture

Check-in Deck
A collection of our most memorable “check-in” activities at HopeLab, used to kick off and close staff meetings and retreats. The exercises are simple tools we use to help create quality connections between our staff.
Questions for a Curious Leader
A set of prompts to help us stay present and open as leaders, whether we’re facilitating a meeting or offering feedback to a colleague. We believe everyone can be a leader, regardless of where they sit on an org chart or their status in a community.

For quick reference, we’ve created a 2-page summary.


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