Re-Mission 2 Screenshot Caption Contest on Facebook!

We’ve had such a blast coming up with the cast of cancer-fighting characters and gameplay scenarios in Re-Mission 2, we want to share some of the creative fun with you in our first ever Facebook caption contest!

Here’s how the contest works: Go to our Facebook page and check out the screenshot from one of the Re-Mission 2 games, then post a phrase or sentence that describes the image in the comments section of the post.

A week after the image is posted, we’ll pick a winning screenshot caption. (Hint: We really like smart, observant or just plain silly comments that make us LOL.) The winner will receive our gratitude, official and eternal HopeLab Facebook fame, and some official Re-Mission 2 SWAG (you know you want some!).

Have fun and be awesome!

Not sure what Re-Mission 2 is? Check it out here to learn more and play!

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