Cancer Survivors Talk Re-Mission 2 at OMG 2013 Summit

OMG, what a ride! We took Re-Mission 2 on the road to Las Vegas and got our game on, Stupid Cancer style. HopeLab was a sponsor of the OMG 2013 Stupid Cancer Summit, and it was great fun sharing the games with the more than 550 young adult cancer survivors who participated.

Watch this clip to see what OMG 2013 attendees had to say about Re-Mission 2:

As you can see, people at the event were courageous and open, ready to connect and share their thoughts on Re-Mission 2 and their experiences fighting cancer.  For me, listening to their stories was a powerful reminder of the preciousness of life and human resilience. And it was rewarding to hear folks say over and over again: “I wish I had these games when I was going through my treatment!”

Some people we met were new to the Re-Mission games concept, but many members of the Stupid Cancer community were no strangers to the original Re-Mission game released by HopeLab in 2006. My colleagues also got to re-connect with some of the young adults who helped create theRe-Mission 2 games while they undergoing cancer treatment.  There was a lot of conversation and gameplay as people had fun catching up!

The OMG 2013 Stupid Cancer Summit was one of the most meaningful conferences that I’ve ever experienced. Special thanks to the founder of Stupid Cancer, Matthew Zachary, and his team for creating such a personal, real, joyful and life-inspiring experience for all of us fortunate enough to be involved.

The event both inspired us in our work to get Re-Mission 2 to young people fighting cancer and served as a powerful reminder for all of us to appreciate life and to get busy living!

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