August 24, 2010

HopeLab and Energy Inside Announce Collaboration

Richard Tate
[email protected]
(650) 569-5907

Redwood City, CA, August 24, 2010 — HopeLab and Energy Inside today announced a collaboration to explore the use of content from Energy Inside’s Pepfly product in HopeLab product development efforts.

Pepfly, an application that uses curated Internet media to produce positive emotions, is part of Energy Inside’s project to create space in society for well-being. Built on the idea that brief experiences of positive emotion can have a powerfully beneficial effect over time, pepfly helps its users feel inspired, amazed, amused, and other positive feelings, through a library of content hand-selected for its emotional relevance and power.

HopeLab is harnessing the power and appeal of technology to promote positive health behaviors in young people. HopeLab’s approach combines scientific research, innovative approaches to technology development, and the direct input of young people themselves to produce products that measurably improve their health and quality of life.

About HopeLab

HopeLab is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Board Chair Pam Omidyar.  HopeLab combines rigorous research with innovative solutions to improve the health and quality of life of young people living with chronic illness. HopeLab applies a research-based, customer-focused development model to create products that address chronic illnesses in young people, including cancer, obesity, major depressive disorder, sickle cell disease and autism. For more information, please visit

About Energy Inside

Energy Inside is creating space in society for well-being through products that help people build healthy behaviors into their everyday lives. Its products, DailyFeats and Pepfly, are designed to encourage well-being, both in thought and action, through social web solutions and rewards. They enable people to have convenient, quick and enjoyable experiences that promote positivity, overall health, ongoing education, household care, sustainable living, and responsible community citizenship. For more information, please visit

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