August 26, 2007

Chicago Tribune: Contests Kick-Start Innovation

Original publication date: August 26, 2007

Author: Jane Meredith Adams

This article highlighted HopeLab’s Ruckus Nation idea competition.  This competition was launched in August 2007 to source ideas from the public about new products that would help get kids moving.  Other competitions designed to source ideas from the public were discussed in this piece, including “That Was Easy” challenge conducted by Changemakers, Rockefeller Foundation and InnoCentive’s wireless light contest, and Ansari X Prize contest to develop a private aircraft that would take people into space.

HopeLab President & CEO, Pat Christen,was interviewed and discussed why HopeLab chose a competition mechanism in its work to develop products that support kids’ health. “We are going this route because we believe in the power of community and the power of kids to come up with great ideas,” Christen stated.

Online access: No longer available

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